Iranian Nuclear Deal Will Have Winners and Losers - More Wins In the Short Term

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There was an interesting article published on November 29, 2013 in the New York Times titled; "UN Nuclear Inspectors Invited to Iranian Nuclear Facility," by Alana Cowell.
If this deal goes through China wins big time. They want to buy more Iranian Oil. China's oil company just bought the Exxon oil fields in Iraq's Kurdish area, they will be selling oil into Turkey, and Turkey is buying defense weapons from China. China is making headway in the region. And Turkey stands to gain playing everyone off everyone else, and remaining loyal to everyone but no one. And with Iran and China back on track with oil, they have now sewn up that entire side of the Middle East as resource allies.
All of the "Stans" and Iran, Iraq and Turkey; and, China wins and these ties will grow. Well played China. Losers will include Russia in the Iranian deal, Iran is not interested in becoming anyone's client nation, indeed they want to get client nations of their own, and with oil money they can too, as their long-term strategic objectives are to spread influence and control the region, much to the chagrin of the Arab League and Saudis, also perhaps temporary losers in the Iranian deal, and long-term losers if Iran gets the bomb - which they probably will you know.
Still, Iran can leverage itself and try to get things from the East, West and Russia - and they are strategically in a great place to do that geographically.
Who else wins? Well, Airbus and Boeing both with huge orders of new airliners. Assad wins because his alley remains strong. ISIS loses because they are Sunni and a strong Iran isn't good for them. Hezbollah and Hamas win because they can continue to get funding. Turkey can either win or lose in this and that remains to be seen. The Iranian deal changes everything and matters to many players, and it could be good for lots of folks in the short-term. But in the long-term things are not so good.
Because this opens the door to a nuclearized Iran, which will force Saudi Arabia to also go nuclear and thus the entire Middle East will also want nukes. Israel surely doesn't want a nuclear weaponized Iran, and the world certainly doesn't need a nation that is known to sponsor terrorist organizations to have nuclear weapons - because it is just a hop, skip and a jump to a new era of Nuclear Terrorism. Worried yet? I am. Think on this.
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